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Ash It! Ashtray
The Vacuum Ashtray

Why Stoners need Ash It! Ashtray

Ash It! Ashtray solves the biggest problem marijuana smokers face everyday, "how do I ash this?". 

Here are your current options:
-Smack the glass bowl on the side of the ashtray
-Poke it with your finger or toothpick
-Get up and blow it into the sink or trash
-Suck it into the bong/pipe
-Glue a nail to the center of the ashtray

None of these methods work particularly well and they're all too messy! You will end up with stinky resin on your fingers,  you'll have nasty bong water, or even worse, you'll have to get up- which no one wants when you are couch locked. We know other smokers have these same problems and we are here to solve them!

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Lithium polymer battery powers this ashtray making it portable and rechargeable

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LED Lights

A button under the ashtray actives the suction and also lights the internal vents of the ashtray green

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Portable Design

Battery can last over a month, so take Ash It! with you anywhere you go

What is Ash It! Ashtray and how does it work?

Ash It! Ashtray is simply an ashtray that has a vacuum attached to it. There is a button on the bottom of the ashtray that is activated when you apply pressure to the top of the ashtray. The ash is then sucked out of your bowl piece in a matter of seconds, and then you're ready to pack another one. It's that simple!

Ash It! Ashtray stores all the ash into a carbon filtered chamber. It can hold about 30+ bowls worth of ash before you have. to get up and empty the chamber. Ash it! also runs on a rechargeable battery and can fully recharge in only a few minutes.

As an added bonus, we added some green LED lights under the fan, because what stoner doesn't love lights?