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Ash It! Ashtray

Ash It! Ashtray

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Introducing the Ash It! Ashtray, every potheads dream! Ash It! Ashtray uses vacuum suction to clear your bowl piece without leaving the mess. Traditionally, us smokers would clear the bowl by smacking it on our hand, digging into it with our fingers, or hitting it on the ashtray risking the integrity of the bowl piece and making a mess. Now, just push your bowl piece on top of Ash It! and watch all the ash disappear. Ash It has an ash chamber that magnetically pops on and off for easy cleaning and ash disposal. Ash it! Ashtray comes in a sleek black color with green LED lights. 

What's In The Box? 

  • Ash It! Ashtray
  • Two Replacement Filters
  • Micro USB Charging Cable

***Ciggy Attachment not included***

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