Any tips for first time Ash It Ashtray users?

It's pretty simple to use but it performs better if you smoke the entire bowl and make sure your pipe isn't clogged with resin. 

What can I use Ash It Ashtray with?

Ash It Ashtray works with pipes, bongs, chillums, joints, and blunts. Do not use with bubblers or any water pipe that can not be flipped upside down. 

Why did I get filters with my Ash It Ashtray?

The carbon filter under the plastic filter is removable and should be dusted off from time to time. 

Simply pop the plastic filter out, then use a toothpick to separate the carbon filter from the plastic filter. You can also just replace the filter once it is worn out.

How long does the battery last per charge?

It depends on usage, but it can last over a month with regular use. The device can fully recharge in as fast as an hour.

Can I use Ash It Ashtray to suck anything else?

Probably, but we don't recommend it. Ash It Ashtray is designed specifically for cold ash. No embers, no roaches, no trash.